IPage Review » Married to a 1-Year Contract

Many hosting companies inhabit the internet these days. Since the entire buying process is online, alternatives are easily found. All of them will have to compete for potential buyers. They either have to offer extreme value or extreme performance. There are various companies that fulfill these roles, like Asurahosting (Cheapest) or InterServer (Performance). There are some […]

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Simplilearn Reviews » Learning is Simple

Finding quality education these days is hard. Some institutes contain garbage material while many aren’t even accredited. Well, it’s a good thing that Simplilearn doesn’t fit into this case. Simplilearn is one the institutes that offer sophisticated and professional education. Seriously, the course itself is called Project Management Professional (PMP). However, like all professional institutes, […]

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InterServer Review » A Jewel in Disguise

Like everyone, I’ll start with the basic nonsense. Every website needs to be hosted. To access a website, there needs to be an NPC (Non-Personal Computer) running somewhere all the time. If NPCs were considered employees, they would be queuing in line at the HR department. You know cause they’re overworked, get it. *cricket sounds* Anyways, InterServer is one […]

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